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HK Lee

My husband and I worked with Scott last year to purchase our family home in Santa Monica. We are still amazed at how we managed to buy a place we liked in a tough buyers market and we really couldn't have done it without Scott. His expertise of the West LA real estate, eye for detail, great relationship with other agents in the area (he seems to know everybody!) and amazing negotiation skills all enabled us to make a strong offer before the place officially hit the market. It was our first time purchasing a home in West LA and the process was quite intense but he guided us through the entire process with such ease that all went so smoothly. He didn't just help us purchase a house -- he has great contacts relating to all things real estate so he even connected us to a wonderful contractor, carpet company, mortgage broker, woodworking... you name it! He is really the person to have on your team to pursue your real estate dreams. I can't recommend him enough!

Tani T

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Scott Price. simply put, Scott is the best. If you are lucky enough to work with him, consider yourself in good hands! I have bought and sold quite a few properties over the years and in a world (like the real estate world) where ethics seem to be a low priority, Scott has an abundance! Scott is also patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. And he is not afraid of hard work. He drove back and forth to my property picking up mail, getting extra keys made and connecting me with cleaning crews, handy men and stagers. He does whatever it takes to get the job done. He is also very responsive, if you have questions or need his assistance, he gets to you immediately, you don't have to ask twice. He was also easy and fun to work with, I was very grateful to have him on my side during this sales process.

Walt J

Scott is the only realtor I will ever use, regardless of whether I'm buying or selling. He truly goes above and beyond to get the most for you throughout the process, even looking after all of the daily chaos of prepping the property and getting it sold for top dollar when I was halfway around the world. There's truly no way to have done it without Scott as a friend and partner throughout the journey. Despite the bumps and a couple of curveballs, the whole process was super smooth because Scott was constantly proactive and on top of everything. And the final sale price for the house... truly mind boggling. I'm indebted to Scott for his continual guidance, trust and calmness throughout what could have been a truly chaotic process. I can't say enough how much I value his experience, fortitude and ability to find simple solutions to problems large and small.

Kevin V

My wife and I were first time home buyers that were initially intimidated by the whole process. We decided to meet with Scott based on all of the heartfelt reviews, and now we have the pleasure of sharing our own experience. Scott was very professional from day 1. He met with us, gave us an introduction to the home buying process, explained the role he had with us, gave his insights on the current market, and helped us develop realistic expectations. His responsiveness and honesty really stand out. Whenever we had the slightest interest in seeing a home even if it was simply for learning purposes, he would respond with inside information and help us schedule open house appointments where applicable. On the occasions he was able to join us, he would give us his detailed analysis regardless if it was positive or negative, and it broadened our knowledge significantly in the home viewing experience. There are so many details we simply cannot un-see any more! It was very apparent he wanted to make sure we made the right buy and not just a quick one. We chose to be dedicated to Scott as our agent through the whole process despite the other agents that tried to represent us. He does expect exclusivity if working with his team, and we have absolutely no regrets! We actually had the unicorn experience of winning with our first offer in this dramatic sellers' market. It truly could not have been done without Scott. During escrow, he anticipated every limiting step and would advise accordingly. He has a multitude of resources that helped us get through escrow and even his reputation gave the seller's agents confidence that it would be a smooth process. When working with us, Scott really treated us as friends and not just clients. In fact, Scott continues to be a resource for us as we quickly learned that home ownership comes with a flood of new information (and scammers!). We expect to have him at our family gatherings and hope to work with him again in the future.

Stefan W

As a first-time buyer I couldn't feel more lucky that my good friends referred me to Scott. He educated and guided my wife & I through the entire process, to the point where I can't stop looking at the roofs on houses and thinking "there's no way that has more than 5 years of life left in it." He was always there to answer any questions that we had, at any time, and would always give us his complete insight as an experienced owner, renovator, and landlord, which couldn't have been more valuable when we found a duplex that we fell in love with. He's continued to support and advise us after we closed and are renovating the house, and has offered to help us figure out the mechanics of becoming a first-time landlord. Oh, and did I mention that he negotiated getting the solar system on our new house paid off by the sellers, which is apparently highly unusual (he did it so effortlessly that we just thought it was normal for any home sale, until we started mentioning it to friends who had bought houses with solar). Seriously, look no further, they broke the mold with Scott - you won't find a better agent!

Maggie P

Last year I met with a handful of real estate agents on selling my West Los Angeles condo, and Scott Price stood above the rest. When the other agents visited my condo, they focused on telling me how much they can sell it for and managing my expectations. With Scott, he focused on explaining the few things that I need to repair/upgrade to get top dollars on the market, and proactively sent me quotes on how much those things cost. Based on that alone, I decided to hire Price + Hou for their services. Scott was always honest and gave me the straight talk, and at the same time worked really hard to get top dollar for my property. They had a great selling strategy and my condo was sold towards the top of the comps. They were full service and really earned their commission. My condo was not a million dollar listing, yet I felt like an exclusive client because Scott was always responsive and made sure that my questions were answered. They also made the process easy. From all the work ranging from reflooring to home staging, they procured quotes, sent me options, scheduled appointments, and managed the work. All I had to do was choose the vendors and pay. Janice has a great design eye and gave some great recommendations on light fixture replacements that didn't break the bank. I am so happy that I chose them to be my agents. Highly recommended.

Damon K

I am very happy to have sold 2 homes (and bought one of them) with Scott Price in 13 years. In every interaction, communication, every step of the process, Scott has been thorough, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and has tirelessly helmed the transaction to a favorable result. Scott always works for your best interests, he will shine the best possible light on your home in the minds of the prospective buyers. We received several compliments from other agents that Scott "really knows how to show a home" and he does. Scott and his team are knowledgeable, have a deep grasp of the current data in any neighborhood you need, or any home type - condo/townhouse or house. And perhaps more importantly, since not every decision in real estate is a walk in the park, Scott will keep you abreast of any potential hiccups and provide insightful, well-reasoned advice based on years of experience. Scott and his team care, and it shows, and have earned our family's trust and will always have our business whenever our family needs to move into a new home.

Justin + Jennifer W

Scott worked with us to sell our home in Leimert Park. First off, my wife and I are not easy customers. We're demanding, high-strung, and require a lot of communication. With that in mind, we were also looking to sell our house in the middle of a pandemic. We interviewed several real estate agents and we chose Scott because he was the most professional, prompt, and courteous out of everyone we interviewed. He did not disappoint. He sold our house for more than we expected, and he took care of our house like it was his own, while we were across the country in Nashville. There were some challenges on the buyer's side and they helped us navigate those with a great strategy and timely advice. I don't know that another agent would have had the patience and commitment to nail it as Scott did. If you're shopping around for realtors, you should be aware that so many agents sell you the moon and the stars. Very few deliver. Scott absolutely did.

Dylan + Crystal

We found Scott online when we were looking to relocate from San Francisco down to LA. We weren't sure exactly where or what we were looking for, but knew we wanted something on the westside. After a couple false starts with other realtors we knew we were in good hands with Scott. Immediately he started breaking down the different neighborhoods customized to our wants and needs. He didn't sugar-coat anything and was always able to point out the good and bad of a house that we didn't have the experience to see. He was a very straight shooter and I appreciated that. We never felt rushed to get into a house. Scott brought the same passion from the first house we saw to the one we eventually found. He even Facetimed us into a house or two when we couldn't make the trip down from SF to see them in person. We highly recommend Scott Price.

David O

I can't recommend Scott Price highly enough, and here is why: After living in a condo in Downtown Los Angeles since 2008, I decided it was time for a bit of normalcy and quiet for my personal sanity during COVID 2020, and a plot of land I could call my own (and dig my toes in some green grass in a yard). I decided to move to somewhere in the middle of the city (Miracle Mile, Hancock Park, West Adams, etc.). I had always wanted a yard, a BBQ island, and potentially a jacuzzi of my own. I think it was when the Lakers won in 2020 (I was there in the crowds in '09 and '10, and it wasn't so rowdy), and then when the Dodgers won (by the Grace of Gibson) that I knew I had to GTFO DTLA. I have to admit, it was rough to start when I started to look for homes in July. The market in Mid City Los Angeles is competitive to be polite and downright vicious at the minimum. Homes in Q4 of 2020 amid the pandemic were being listed and sold within 2-3 days in the hot markets of West Adams, Bevererlywod, La Cienega Heights, Picfair Village, Faircraft heights, Carthay Square, Miracle Mile, Mid-Wilshire, Dockweiler, Wilshire Park, and Hancock Park. I burned through six different agents from July through October. I'm picky: I'm no stranger to high-stakes negotiations and pretty financially disciplined. I don't like wasting money, but I will pay top dollar for quality. Every single one of those agents disappointed me in some way. They broadcasted directly or indirectly that their interests were not 100% aligned with mine: a consideration of short-term commissions over long-term relationships. Some were just pushy. Some were lazy and didn't want me to look at more than a few homes. Your real estate agent SHOULD be like your hair-stylist, private banker, club promoter, or wealth manager. A good working relationship is a must and will pay long term dividends. My equally excellent loan officer Dean Vu at Chase warned me from the start: "Don't go with your sister in law, your mom, your cousin, your friend from college, get a real F*&*iing professional and pay the usual amount." Many of them weren't great communicators, decent at sales, but incredibly bad on the tactics of buying a house and how to assess intangibles that were a win-win situation for the agent and me. A lot of them tried to push me to buy the first home I saw. Don't skimp or think the RedFin discount will help-- it won't. Don't try to split the commission 50/50 with your sister, mom, brother, or in-laws say it's an easy way to save. It won't be, especially for an ultra-competitive market. You will lose long-term because unless those people have sold for years, they will not know how to assess correctly, and that will hurt you with maintenance and other surprise costs in the future. After I turned to Yelp, and I called 3 of the top agents in the area. Scott Price stood out because someone else I respected very much as a former colleague had given glowing reviews. He did not disappoint. He's an amazing communicator and is the opposite of lazy. He is a real estate expert and a total geek about home construction. He can talk your ear off with details about roofs or foundations. I now can eyeball whether a neighborhood or home will likely have residents who will make the homes' value go up or down. I can tell this from the sidewalk to the little detail about chimneys, the windows, the lawn, cars, parking situation, the business surrounding it, trees, and the windows' conditions. I can now mentally estimate the cost of structural repairs, future maintenance costs, and whether some renovation is possible. I've learned to ask the right questions, and my eye for real estate assessment has grown without the price of a costly mistake. I also know how to tell real original vintage Spanish tiles on a roof and how they were made (ask him). We looked at over 7 homes in person, and he taught me how to even skip this step. I almost purchased a home over 200k over what I wanted to buy. Still, he made sure I drove around the block, and we found an auto-body shop less than 100 feet away from the backyard and the master bedroom. Scott is the ultimate teacher and guru. He is an everlasting professional who owns multiple properties of his own. He can tell you with a glance whether something is up to code and ball-park how much it will cost to maintain. Don't skimp on your first house purchase. It is a significant investment. If you value your time and want to increase your own capabilities, you can do no better than Scott Price. Real estate is a long term commitment, and Scott is a long-term thinker and a person you want on your side. Don't skimp on one of the more critical decisions in your life and go with Scott Price.

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