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Westside Homeowners - Extend your gutters!

  • Extend your gutters!
  • In the coastal neighborhoods of Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Venice, and West Los Angeles, the importance of keeping water away from the foundation of a home cannot be overstated. With the proximity to the ocean and the unique topography of these areas, proper drainage and landscaping are essential for preserving the structural integrity of residential properties.
  • In Santa Monica, where the allure of beachside living is unparalleled, the impact of moisture on the foundation is a significant concern. The salt-laden air and occasional storms can pose a threat to the stability of homes, making effective water management a priority for homeowners and property maintenance.
  • Similarly, in the charming and eclectic neighborhood of Venice, the unique canal-side properties and diverse architectural styles require careful attention to drainage. Ensuring that water is directed away from the foundation is crucial for preserving the character and longevity of these distinctive homes.
  • In Mar Vista and West Los Angeles, where the rolling hills and lush greenery create a picturesque backdrop for residential living, the management of water around the foundation is a key consideration for homeowners. The natural beauty of these areas should be complemented by effective landscaping and drainage solutions to protect the homes from potential water-related damage.
  • By implementing measures to keep water away from the foundation, such as proper grading, gutter systems, and strategic landscaping, homeowners can safeguard their properties from the risks of moisture infiltration. Preventing water from seeping into the foundation is essential for avoiding costly structural issues and maintaining a secure and stable living environment in these coveted coastal neighborhoods.
  • Look for the extenders on Amazon or your local hardware store.

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