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10 Reasons to Love Culver City

The reasons to love this charming, cultured city are endless—here are just a few. 

Whether you’re looking to move to the area or are hunting for your next vacation spot, Culver City is the perfect place to find fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Whether you are looking for exciting and intriguing entertainment options or the opportunity to bond together as a family in the great outdoors, Culver City has it all. From an array of film festivals, shopping centers, coffee shops, and excellent dining, you are sure to discover something here that will pique your interest and inspire your heart. Mark the magical Culver City as a place you want to visit this year! 

1. Vibrant Film History 

Culver City is the perfect place for any movie lover to experience the Hollywood charm. (And who among us doesn’t love a good movie?). You will discover a myriad of sights to see and things to do, such as the Culver City Film Festival. Put on by the Los Angeles Film School, this film festival is the opportune time to watch new submissions and celebrate the glorious, history-infused tradition of film-making. This event will take place in December of this year. Another signature landmark in the area is the magical Sony Pictures Studio, where you can experience a two-hour guided walking tour. Be sure to check on current COVID policies and practices before buying your tickets. 

2. Amazing Coffee Shops

Amazing Coffee Shops

If you are looking for a great cup of joe, look no further! Culver City has a wide variety of cozy and enchanting coffee shops where you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold drinks. While on the search for your delightful beverage of choice, be sure to check out the family-owned coffeehouse and roastery, The Conservatory. There is no shortage of excellent coffee or mouth-watering pastries here, and the inviting atmosphere is just the place to read a book or catch up with a friend. On your way out, make sure to purchase a bag of beans to continue this treat at home. If you have any questions or need recommendations, be sure to ask one of the warm and welcoming staff members for assistance. Not a coffee lover? No problem! The Conservatory is also known for its excellent tea and hot chocolate. Curbside pick-up and order are also available. Another amazing choice is Bar Nine, which is known for pushing the boundaries in coffee and constantly searching for new, innovative methods to bring the best and freshest coffee to its customers. You can enjoy some of the great coffee offered on the menu or purchase a bag of coffee and tea to take home to hone your inner barista. Or, why not do both? 

3. Farmers Markets 

One of the best features to be found in this brilliant place is sure to be the Culver City Farmers Market. There are colorful fruits and vegetables, beautifully woven centerpieces and baskets, eggs, knife sharpening, homemade bread and pastries, and a plethora of other booths. The farmer’s market is the perfect place for a date with your significant other or a fun excursion with friends. While you do your shopping and peruse the stalls, make sure to follow COVID-friendly practices and social distancing measures. Happy hunting!

4. Active Lifestyle

Like many of us, you may be wanting to enjoy the great outdoors and become more active in 2021. Culver City has 11 parks and a plethora of fun recreational activities such as biking trails, baseball fields, basketball courts, dog parks, and more. The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is just the place to get some great exercise while taking in gorgeous panoramic views of LA and the surrounding area. There are hiking and walking trails you can experience with the whole family and 282 stairs to climb for those who feel like an extra workout. While you bask in the sunshine and fresh air, make sure to snap some lovely photos of the scenery. Don’t forget your water bottle and sunscreen! 

5. Breathtaking Art 

The Culver City Arts District is the art lover’s dream. With vividly painted murals, mesmerizing art galleries, and intricate showcases, you will be sure to fall in love with its soul and depth. Feeling hungry after immersing yourself in these wonders? You can grab a quick bite to eat or savor some fine dining at one of the many restaurants in the district. 

6. Great Shopping

Great Shopping

One of Culver City’s remarkable things is its fantastic fashion and a vivid array of excellent places to find the perfect outfit. For those expecting (or know someone who is), be sure to check out the Aldea Home & Baby store. Here you can discover eco-friendly products and a wide selection of goods such as furniture, decor, journals and stationery, candles and soap, beautifully designed gift baskets, and of course, everything you might need for your little precious one. With its warm and inviting aesthetic, anyone is sure to feel at home in this shopping haven. If you are searching for a new pair of glasses, stop in at the Promised Land, where you can discover gorgeous, hand-curated glasses and frames. Wanting something more vintage in style? You can find those here as well, as the Promised Land carries a lovely and diverse selection. And for even more shopping adventures, you will most definitely want to add the PLATFORM mall to your must-go list. 

7. Delicious Food 

Of course, where would we be without the delectable treats, excellent chefs, and fine dining? Culver City is certainly no stranger when it comes to phenomenal food. Here are just a few places your palette will most assuredly love and keep you coming back for more. The LODGE BREAD COMPANY specializes in whole-grain sourdough. They offer bread and pizza starter kits, sandwiches, pizza, coffee, and flour milling. Hosting a special event or festivity? Catering is offered as well. Guests are invited and encouraged to come in for a bite and experience this terrific bakery first-hand. Craving pizza? Come by to Roberta's, where you can experience delicious pizza with the whole family. This will provide the perfect ending to a wonderful day; you can go home with a full belly and a happy heart. Or how about the Jackson Market? You can get sandwiches, beers, ice cream, and basic grocery items from this charming neighborhood market and deli. The Jackson Market is open every day for takeout. 

8. Family-Friendly Activities 

Looking for some fun activities to do with the kids? Make a visit to the Under The Sea Indoor Playground entertainment and play center. With floor-to-ceiling murals of ocean life, a variety of playground structures, and a baby-friendly play area, this will delight your child’s heart and be a memory they won’t soon forget. Want to nurture your child’s sense of wonder and love for animals? Come by the STAR Eco Station, where you can experience a guided tour through the science museum and wildlife rescue. With over 200 animals in its care, you will find yourself inspired by their brave stories of rescue and triumph over impossible odds. It will serve as a reminder and a challenge for the whole family to respect and protect endangered animals. And how about ending the magical day with the family with some ice cream from Coolhaus? They have a lot of exciting flavors and cold, delicious treats that are sure to please anyone. 

9. Exciting Nightlife

Exciting Nightlife

Another fun aspect of the city is its fun nightlife. With vintage and classic bars, as well as hip and modern ones, there are a lot of options for finding a great drink. How about stopping in at the elegant restaurant and bar at Culver Hotel? Come by with some friends to make some memories at happy hour, listen to live music, relish the velvet lounge, and eat an excellent meal. Or do you find yourself in need of a haircut? The Blind Barber is just the gathering place for a much-needed trim and a good drink. With its prohibition-style interior and warm neighborhood feel, you will quickly feel at home. Oh, and don’t forget to take a spin on the dance floor! Or, if you’re feeling in the mood for some craft beer and a seriously great burger, make sure you stop in at Father’s Office. This restaurant and bar provide a fun, relaxed dining experience and one-of-a-kind hamburgers that you absolutely have to try. 

10. Exciting Attractions 

There are lots to do in Culver City, and one of these great features is the Center Theatre Group, which has showcased plays such as Oklahoma, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, the Christmas Carol, and more. Be sure to keep your eye out for upcoming tickets and plays. You won’t want to miss this rich and beautiful display of the arts. Do you like museums? Learning about the curious and the strange? The Museum Of Jurassic Technology has a great selection of science, art, and natural history exhibits that are sure to make you wonder and maybe even leave you scratching your head in amazement. Be sure to keep updated on COVID policies regarding these exciting attraction options. 

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